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Imagine having your very own Web site, for example: A single page at builders.are-us.net with an email like builders@are-us.net will cost as little as 70 for a full year. You can have the page updated twice within this period completely free of charge. If you want graphics or posting forms and extra pages we can negotiate the extra cost. Other hosting sites would charge you more than 600 or maybe even more for this service.


Your business depends on your customers, you can depend on are-us.net to provide your customers with a simple, professional looking and well designed Web site like this one. As a small business owner, you probably know that a successful website often reflects a successful business.


Your Options
Have little Jimmy do the site. He knows about that computer stuff."
Face it, the thought of having your 15 year old nephew design your business website is pretty appealing. After all, he'll do it in exchange for some loose change. What could be better? You should be asking: "What could be worse?". Little Jimmy may know a lot about computers - but he may not have a lot of experience creating professional looking, usable sites. Little Jimmy may be really cheap to hire - but the damage done to your business by having an amateurish looking site is worse than having no site at all. This may lead you to think : "Let's hire the most expensive web designer in town!", which leads us to another fallacy.

Hire the largest, most expensive web design company available?
Good web design does not have to break the bank. Nor does it have to come from the biggest, most expensive Web developer around. Big web design companies may specialize in flashy websites with animations, java applets, ecommerce systems - when all you want is a simple site to help you advertise your products or services, and communicate better with your customers. Bigger is not always better.

Never assume that a good site cannot be a simple one.
Some web design companies will try to sell you the most elaborate scheme they can dream up. Flashing banners, wild pop-ups, chiming flash animations, and maybe even dancing reindeer (the holiday season will be upon us soon ). Website visitors are inundated by banner ads, and shopping promotions on most websites. If they see your website as a big slow, flashing ad banner, they will simply walk away. If you have ever used Google, you would have noticed how simple, yet useful its website is. To create a compelling, useful website, you don't need tons of graphics, rounded borders, and flashing animation. What you do need is good, relevant, and timely content - which tells visitors about what your business has to offer. Just say no to bloated web design! Avoid lots of flash animations with sound, especially as a "website intro", like the plague

You may have been told it is a great idea to present a loud, bright and blinking animation with your firm's best selling points and stated strategy on your website's front page. Your website visitors will most likely react very differently - usually by clicking the "Back" button as soon as possible. Visitors are often annoyed by animations which are loud, and take forever to show up. Avoid animations on the front page. You can still emphasize certain topics or pages by giving them more prominent placing on your page, instead of inserting an animation which will just drive people away.

It's important to make sure contact or business information is prominently displayed.
Once the first uses of the Internet was efficient communication through email. Your website offers you another way to connect with potential customers; an email link or a web-to-email contact form are both useful webpage items. If you hide contact information away in small, dark corner of your website, you will be depriving yourself of contact with potential customers. You shouldn't be afraid to say who you are, and how people can get in touch with you.

Don't believe anyone who offers you "guaranteed placement" in search engines listings: there is no such thing. Search engines change the ranking (relative importance) of the pages in their indexes often, and your site's ranking could fluctuate over time. The safest way to achieve a high ranking in search engines is to have current, accurate and relevant content. And simple website design, whose content is easily accessible to both humans and search engines, does not hurt either.

There are no fly-by-night solutions here.
We will work with you to make a usable, attractive, reliable website which accurately reflects your company's vision.

Complex problems do not always need complex solutions. Let us talk to you about creating a web presence for your business. You can call us at any time on 07956 908 166. Or if you prefer, send us a quick note on the 'Welcome' tab


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